Personality Disorder

Personality Disorder



Few testimonials…


I came with left sided paralysis of both left hand and leg. I used to drag it but now I can take proper step. I used to climb one time stairs, now 8 to 10 times. Good sleep and hunger all these changes within one month so m expecting more with them for any disease.
— Mohan sangal-Post Master


I ,Ms. shailaja was suffering from Dpression past 8 years. I was having mood upset, irritability and used to behave impatiently. I came to know about unique homeopathy and took treatment past 1 year, now m feeling better and confidently leading my life. UH gives best treatment, I m happy after coming here.
— Shyama-lecturer


I really appreciate the treatment given by Dr.Anaswara, I got cured in a very short time which in return has build up my confidence in Unique Homeopathy and its results. My sincere thanks to my doctors.
— Shaik sadique-IT


Came here for Infertility treatment with irregular periods for 3 years and Pcod. Got conceived after treatment. M so happy that doctor changed my future
— Latha-lecturer


I came with value of RA 1200,and within 3 months it reduced to 120. I’m so happy with the progress
— Jayalakshmama


I was suffered by Thyroid problem with itching whole body since from three years. I went to so many hospitals but no use.then I came to know here. Now I can say happily about this Unique Homeopathy. It cures any problem related to thyroid
— Savithramma-House wife


As I was suffering from migraine past many years I went to many doctors but I was feeling well then came to know about this clinic. After consulting here within few months I got permanent result. I m very much happy by taking treatment here. Thanks a lot Dr.Anaswara dev
— Riya sinha-IT


I m an IT person had complaint with kidney stone which was supposed to do operation to remove it. luckily I came to know about these doctors and after treatment my stone problem completely relived. Thanks for saving me from operation
— Anoop-Manager


I was sufferring from stiffened back with depression as it is auto immune disorder and no treatment from Allopathy system. After taking treatment my pain has gone and no depression at all
— Vignesh-Lawyer


Since I was suffering from allergic complaints like sneezing which disturbed my job , I had come to Unique Homeopathy. Its almost 1 half years since I started the treatment.Today all my allergy and related problems looks solved .thanks so much “unique”. I thank Dr.Anaswara for what I m today.Thanks
— Prathinja Rao-IT


Mainly the behavior of doctor is very very impressive and very good care of patient. Half of patients get relief by care of doctor. Really I m very happy with this
— Father of Chaithra (10 yr old)


I m very happy to say that after taking Homeopathy medicine after few months, there is no any symptom of allergy.I think its completely cured. This is for your kind information
— Pratheesh-Student


Over last one year, the progress has taken very good and results are great. Acne have receded and my skin is good from medication which previously not happened with any where else in the past. Doctors have been wonderful
— Manjunath-IT


adminMarch 28, 2015 at 8:54 am

I am a lawyer by profession. I was having severe migraine from high school, and at last it even started affecting my career. I was always under the fear of this migraine attacks and blurred vision. I was advised by many doctors to take care of my diet and to sleep well. At that time i happened to meet Dr. Anaswara Dev, and we spoke for more than 20 minutes about this difficulty. To be frank, her weird questions like details of my maternal and paternal grand parents irritated me a lil and alas she prescribed me some homeo medicines. She further advised me to stay away from camphor (this made my mom a little angry with me coz i stayed away from her poojas to dieties :) ) and i took dr. answara dev’s medicines for 3 months approx. And I must say those medicines made miracles upon me. Those blurred visions and bad headaches became past. Thanks Dr. Anaswara Dev. All the best wishes for your new venture Doc. Fly High..

adminMarch 28, 2015 at 8:54 am

I had high blood pressure for many years and was regularly using allopathic medicines. Over years, these medicine usage result in cough and headache. Sometimes I did get desperation due to my cough and wanted to get rid of these side effects. Yes I understand who wants to have silent killer, blood pressure. Some of my friends suggested Homeo medicine , While treating Dr. Anaswara dev asked me to fill a questionare for checking my health history. She advised me for taking homeopathic medicines for Hypertension.
The homeopathic medicines regulated my blood pressure. The dry cough and headache were no more there to trouble my body and mind. My anger, anxiety, stress level and irritability also reduced.
Dr. Anaswara treated me in a professional way. She listens to your bodily troubles and questions you to understand more about you and your needs. She has a genuine desire to help her patients.
Wish you all the best doctor.

adminMarch 28, 2015 at 8:54 am

I Am a professional working in middle east. I was having too much anxiety while appearing for the road test. It seemed almost impossible for me to procure a valid driving license in middle east. But through online, Dr Anaswara helped me by prescribing constitutional medicine and through counseling reduced my anxiety as well. Now I Am an international driving license holder. Thanks to Dr Anaswara and all the very best for her future ventures.

adminMarch 28, 2015 at 8:54 am

My Niece got diagnosed as Dengue Fever. Platelets were going down @ 30,000 per day. There was no change even after hospitalization. when it reached 45,000 we were scared that bleeding may start and may have to transfuse packed cells. She was feeling very weak and giddiness to move about.
That time we took decision to take Homeopathic medicine from Unique Homeopathy, Thripunithura. After a quick 5 minutes case taking, Doctor prescribed medicine. After taking medicine , next day’s report showed only 9000 less compared to 30,000 and also showed improvement in general health. On the very next day itself increased to 75,000, then 1 lakh,.. so on daily so fast.
I was also taking Preventive Homeo Medicine due to regular patient visit which prevented me from such disease and ultimately saved my Health.. Thanks to Unique Homeopathy……

KN Rajesh

adminMarch 28, 2015 at 8:54 am

I was diagosed with cervical spondylitis about 17 years ago and advised to wear a belt and to avoid driving a two wheeler. But after taking homeopathic treatment from Dr.Atmadev who is the father of Dr.Anaswara Dev, I have been able to lead a normal life till now. IN fact I am still riding a two wheeler most of the time. And have never worn a cervical belt!!! I have also pracaticed yoga under his guidance which has helped me and my wife Jayashri in dealing with the aging process quite well.

adminMarch 28, 2015 at 8:54 am

Early last year I was diagnosed with anxiety, depression, and panic attacks. Everybody heard of all the advanced medical treatments in USA, unfortunately, all these advanced medicines were not able to help me in any way. Here we have only very limited options for alternative medicines. I decided to come back to India for further treatment. When I came to India, I was hospitalized for a week and there also they treated me with antidepressant chemicals like Xanax. These medicines are very addictive and have a lot of bad side effects to body. After experiencing the side effects, I started thinking about alternate medicines. In July I started consulting Dr. Anaswara Dev. She started with homeo medicines and guided me with some yoga and meditation exercises. After a month of medicines, I started feeling the difference. My panic attacks started subsidizing. Whenever I feel depressed my doctor is always available to talk, which gives me great relief than any other medicine.

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