Unique Homeo Services



Personalized Treatment

Every person has a unique variation of the human genome. Variation between individuals has an effect on health. An individual’s health stems from genetic variation with behaviors and influences from the environment.

  • We treat Chronic diseases by taking family history, mental general & particular symptom. It strengthens vital force by increasing immunity.
  • Acute complaints are dealt by taking prevailing symptoms.
  • Treatment while planning pregnancy – by starting treatment when one plans to become pregnant for a healthy baby.

We have got very good feedback for many incurable cases.

Cases were homeopathy drug act as complementary to the Allopathic system –

  • Old age where the patient is habituated with an ongoing drug where sudden withdrawal may harm patient
  • Final stage of incurable cases where we can give symptomatic palliation
  • Accident cases where it helps to resolve clots, fractures and injury healing
  • Tapering of ongoing drug dose where we can’t stop it suddenly after starting Homeo treatment.

 When  Epidemic breakouts

We are always exposed to microorganisms, its there in our nose, mouth etc but it gets affected to us in unfavorable circumstances.


Immune person fight against a disease.


Immunity decreases → Organisms multiply → Cause disease


Large no.of organism enter body → Immunity decreases → Cause epidemic diseases.

We give Unique Homeopathic Preventive medicine specifically chosen by the symptom pattern prevailing in that area.

Scope in  Veterinary Field & For Plants

We also provide medicine for your pet animals and birds based on pathology as we can’t reveal mental symptoms from them. And also Very good action for epidemic attacks in them.

For good growth of your plants, there are good Homeopathic Medicines.


To have a Healthy future generation!

We can start preparing even for Conceiving for a healthy baby.

How Foetus is affected during Fertilization

Human Cell is 46 chromosomes (44 +2 sex cell – XY in Father & XX in mother)

Fertilization (fusion of ova from mother and sperm from father) leads to formation of blastocyst first, then zygote, then embryo and lately call it as foetus.

Blastocyst gets Half genetic code  from Father 23 (22+1 sex cell ‘X’ or’Y’) + 23 (22+1 sex cell ‘X’) – and half from mother.

So sex is determined by father as mother contains only X.

Two division happens Mitosis- Zygote division & Meiosis- Division with the exchange of genes. So here comes genetic diversity. All with unique combination of genetic code in DNA from parents. Sometimes incorrect distribution leads to multiple or nil chromosomes. If such cells participate in fertilization leads to deformities like trisomy or monosomy (Downs syndrome, turners syndrome) etc. How such cells participate depends on various factors influencing father and mother during fertilization.

Father’s influence on Fertilisation

The male-the process of spermatogenesis is not initiated until puberty and is then maintained throughout the rest of life in normal men. Foundations for spermatogenesis are laid during fetal development, and it is recognized increasingly that disturbance of events at this time may have a subsequent impact on the scale or the quality of spermatogenesis in adulthood. In adulthood; Several lifestyle-related (obesity, smoking) and environmental (exposure to traffic exhaust fumes, dioxins, combustion products, heat)  factors appear to negatively affect both the perinatal and adult testes. Spermatogenesis requires 3 months, so father having stress during these periods can cause the production of unhealthy sperm. So its very important that he should be happy during that period for a healthy baby. According to psychology, there is a definite pattern for physical and mental plane for a boy and girl. So each cell in the body performs according to which sex he/she belongs to. That means sex cell is important. We can see we always write sex cell as separate 44+2 sex cell. Again this sex is determined by father. So when sex is determined by father, a father has upper hand on determining diversity in gene or gene mutation. So there is a chance if sex cell is healthy, survival chance is more because all other character depends on sex and vice versa. Though we should not forget that fertile soil also has a role which germ to germinate in her land. So mother also plays a role.

Mother’s Influence on Fertilisation

If a mother is suffering from stress (If anxious nature or stress from a husband or environment). That also leads to poor gene selection by zygote during conception. In that case her hormonal level changes and cells participating in the formation of a zygote as well. (not all cell participate in zygote formation). If the cells are in a negative mood, either it will try to overcome by being stronger cells or by stronger cells got selected by nature( as nature always try to protect us and want more healthy offsprings. if that mechanism fails then only wrong cells will get upper hand.. If there is no possibility of good cells, after the trial it will lead to poor gene selection which may lead to abortion or if survives; with disorder or poor quality individuals. “survival “is the fact in action. Physical and mental health or state of father or mother are the platforms. the emotional state of both at the time of conceptions on the platform for the random selection of genes based on survival of fittest. after that internal & external factors affecting mother plays a role.

What if a child survives after stress

If a child surviving then there will be recessive gene present in him and it can be dominant in the next generation. Again chance of good health is there if he is getting the dominant gene from new gene tree and also chance are more if its father’s side as father contributes more.

After fertilization mothers emotional and physical condition gets upper hand in development of the embryo. Any unfavorable condition leads to an unhealthy baby.


Undergoing research in various aspects of Homeopathy to make into a higher altitude.