Gene Tree

“Om ajnana-timirandhasya
caksur unmilitam yena
tasmai sri-gurave namah”

“I was born in the darkest ignorance, and my spiritual master opened my eyes with the torch of knowledge. I offer my respectful obeisances unto him. ”

GU means ‘Shadow’ and RU means ‘he who disperses them’; GURU or the master dispels darkness of ignorance and brings the light of knowledge into life. We bow down with gratitude to two of our ‘Gurus’, our grandparents who have opened up doors of knowledge to us and have traveled the unbeaten path overcoming great obstacles thereby making our lives journey easy. They are the initial spark which gave birth to 26 of our near relatives and more than that in extended circle of  doctors . We are proud and overwhelmed to belong to a lineage of medical practitioners. And Yes ! Genes do express. For over 7 Decades we have been of service to the ailing mankind through ‘ars medicina’ be it in whatever form the traditional, complementary or alternative or the modern scientific medicine. A tribute to our parentage; a humble effort to seek their blessings.

Medical Gene Tree – Diagramatic representation of Doctors in our family .


Late. Dr. Nemath Krishnan Moosad (1923 – 2009)


Dr. Nemath Krishnan Moosad


Founder of First Homoeopathic Private Hospital in Kerala – V.M.H, Calicut.

Author of the Book Rogavum Chikilsayum The Present Scenario”

Born in Nemath Illam, Malappuram, Kerala, India. A veteran Homoeopath with over 48 years of experience,  started Homoeopathic practice at the age of 38. During his time there were no formal Institutions offering Homoeopathic education, hence he started to learn Homoeopathy through various books, journals and articles. His first Clinic “The Homoeo Clinic” at Bhajanakovil, Chalappuram, Calicut was started in 1965 which later pave the way to  “VMH Hospital”(1984), Calicut- The First Homoeopathic Private Hospital in Kerala, named after his beloved wife Vijaya Antharjanam posthumously in her fond remembrance; and the rest 40 years of his life (till his demise in 2009) was devoted ardently to the art and science of Homoeopathy. The turning point in his life that made him a staunch believer of Homoeopathy was the ‘single dose of a Homoeopathic medicine’ given to his beloved wife after a complicated first labour to avert further complications and for easy labour in forthcoming pregnancies. He was awestruck and the miracle of the single dose of dilution made him touch shores with Homoeopathy and then followed the days of intense study and premeditation. Born and brought up in an orthodox Brahmin society he stood out from the rest as a rational thinker. He believed that nothing is impossible and heinous crimes of the then traditional society like caste, gender discrimination and superstitious believes would fade away and a more progressive community would evolve and in this regard took lone steps by educating his five children (4 daughters and son) and equipping them to gain meritorious medical degrees from prestigious Institutions. An enthusiast and self-dependent person he devoted all his life to learning, from 1985 he started practicing Naturopathy, Meditation and Pranic Healing and was upto date with modern technologies and used to do computer reportorisation. In 2005 he started to experiment the benefits of Homoeopathy and Pranic Healing on Cancer patients and AIDS patient

At the age of 86, he authored a Book “Rogavum Chikilsayum – The Present Scenario” published in the year 2009 after his demise.  The motto of the book was to give a clear cut idea to the layman on the various medical systems so that it would be easier to choose the right system at the right time without any delay and regret. The Book is divided into various sections,

 Pranic Healing written  by Dr. Nemath Krishnan Moosad

 Naturopathy  written by Dr. C. Krishnan Moosad

Yoga written by Dr. Jayanthi Nemath, DHMS, MSc Yoga & Dr. Atmadev Damodaran, DHMS, MSc Yoga

 Homoeopathy written by Dr. Eswardas Pillai,  DHMS, MD, Dip.NIH, MBA

 Ayurveda written by Dr. Idozhi Bhavadasan Namboothiri, DAM;

Music Therapy by Kaithapram Damodaran Namboothiri, ( Music Therapist (Well known Poet, Music Director and Singer in Malayalam film industry)

The preface of the Book by an Allopathic Dr Madhavankutty, MBBS, MSc, FABMS, FAMS;

He Clearly states- “The only resort to rescue mankind from complicated state of art technology is to adopt a holistic treatment. Man is not an engine but a complete person with a pure mind. To prevent and keep health should be his motto. If it’s not curable through Allopathy then it’s incurable, but this is a misconception as every System has its own merits and limitations.

With a quoting of “Are we heading to the wrong direction” by Dr. Hegde (


Single medicine prescription based on Organon 6th edition (Latest edition)

Used LM Potency – Done research on effect of LM Potency till 42 nd Potency and found no much greate action after 32 nd LM Potency.


Late. Captain. Dr. Madathil Damodaran Adiyodi, LMP (1909 – 2006) 

Captain. Dr. Madathil Damodaran Adiyodi

Captain. Dr. Madathil Damodaran Adiyodi

Born in Madathil tharavadu, Malabar and ,Kerala ,India. A veteran Allopath with over 70 years of experience. He obtained his LMP from Madras Stanley Medical College and was trained from AFMC Pune. He worked as a Military Doctor in the British army at the time of second world war.  In British India , Indians were enrolled in the viceroy commission and only Britishers were welcomed in Kings Commission. His first posting was in the Military Cantonment in Bangalore as Kings Commissioned Officer in Kings Commission seeing his efficiency. He opted for field service at Chittagong (Assam) and being chivalrous accompanied the field ambulance in the battle field following the infantry which is too risky option which everyone hesitates to do and used to do on the spot surgeries too. He was posted in various military areas  of the then British India like Bangalore, Calcutta, Assam,Tamil Nadu etc and retired from service as a Captain. Following the victory of second world war by defeat of Japanese Army he was retrenched and later opted for a civil medical post in the then Madras State of Tanjavore.
He opted for Malabar and was stationed at Sreekrishnapuram after the Kerala State re-organisation of 1956. And worked at various districts of Palakkad like Sreekrishnapuram, Cherplassery etc. A diligent and perfectionist doctor whose life revolved around his patients at Thiruvazhiyode where he spent his rest life. Though Courageous military man his soft heart made free medication for the poor. So later known as ‘The Poor Man’s Doctor’ and in his memory and as a tribute the nearby bus stop is named ‘Adiyodipadi’. He started to believe in Homoeopathy when a single dose of Belladonna cured an acute headache . Three of his children were sent to learn the art of Homoeopathy. A strong vegan and a believer in the internal energy or life force he resorted daily to the practice of meditation and was having a picture of health till his last days. Can’t forget these lines he often says to his patients – “ Believe it or not Homoeopathy works and each system has it’s own merits and limitations”.

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