Research oriented clinic

Only clinic where all the doctors are from same family.

Only clinic with 7 decades of history in medical field from major streams.

First clinic where personalized Homeopathy, Counseling and medical Yoga are applied together so that  fast result.

Medication based on scientific proofs from research on Homeopathic principles – more certainty in cure.

Complicated cases are done under guidance of expert panel with same cost.

Personalized Treatment

For all chronic diseases especially Psychiatric cases.

For acute complaints and epidemic breakouts.

For pet animals and plants based on pathology.

Psycho  analysis through detailed case taking

  • We treat Chronic diseases by taking family history, mental general & particular symptom.
  • Fast case taking for acute complaints by taking only prevailing symptoms.

Effective palliation in incurable diseases

Cases were homeopathy drug act as complementary to the Allopathic system –

  • Old age where the patient is habituated with an ongoing Allopathic drug where sudden withdrawal may harm patient
  • Final stage of incurable cases where we can give symptomatic palliation
  • Accident cases where it helps to resolve clots, fractures and injury healing
  • Tapering of ongoing drug dose where we can’t stop it suddenly after starting Homeopathic treatment.

Glimpses of Achievements in Research and Media

Receiving first prize for research presentation in IACK 2019

‘Life Line’ programme telecasted on 26th March 2019 at Janam TV. Anchor- Anjini Jose Alex, Topic- Scope of Homeopathy in Psychiatric Cases.

Introducing flyer for the upcoming seminar of the ” His Unique Quest” @ Alijoya Thornton Palace, Seattle, Washington State, USA on Saturday, January 27th, 2019.

with Dr. Lynn Mikel attending Douglas Brown’s Seminar @ Seattle, USA.

KEN TV (DEN Network) broadcasted on 13/06.20.

ICIO 2020 – presenting research paper.

with Director Dr. Kiran Kumar- Positive Homeopathy

with DR. Rajan MBBS, Hypnotherapist

Appreciation letter from Positive Group


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