Online Homeopathic Treatment and Prophylaxis, along with unique combination of Life Style Management, Diet and Yoga; Complete natural holistic healing system for good health.

Unique Homeo Services

With a smile, let me hand you over to our experienced panel of Doctors from same family whose wish is to perpetuate the glory of Homeopathy across the barriers of space and time. You have entered a recuperative ambiance and your health is of paramount importance to us. For Unique care call us on Ph: +91 9249872611/ +001 253 331 7008 / Following are the services offered by Unique Homeopathy (Click icon for more info).

Cure with Care

Unique Homeopathy is a Fastest Growing, Advanced & Personalized, Complete Natural Holistic Healing system by born Homeopaths having 7 Decades of History. Parent Clinic is 'The Homoeo Clinic' (1965) by Late DR. NEMATH KRISHNAN MOOSAD, Kerala, India which transposed to Hospital in 1984 which owe the credit of FIRST HOMOEOPATHIC PRIVATE HOSPITAL IN KERALA.


We adopt 3 methods of Prophylaxis. 1) Personalized remedy to protect from familial diseases 2) Preventing carryover of diseases through genes by starting treatment when couple plans to have Baby for the selection of Healthy Genes for the Healthy Descendants 3) Prevention & Cure for any Viral Epidemic breakouts. High Quality Treatment by following Traditional method -"The Masters" principles to the fullest.

Personalized Medicine

Our Aim - A Healthy Living & Healthy Future Generation. Every person has unique genectic code in the DNA of a Cell. Here therapy is based on the context of a patient’s genetic content or other molecular or cellular analysis provided by the patient. So that we can give a hope of cure for incurable cases and often cure itself where usual system fails. We also provide specific medicine based on pathology for your pet Animals and Birds.

Holistic Approach

Homeopathy itself is a Holistic Science and Unique Homeopathy is a more powerful Holistic Healing system with uniqueness of own rights coupled with Ashtanga Yoga, Counseling, Life Style Management & Balanced Diet. This is potentially a far more effective way to overcome the diseases & gains much powerful mind and body for a beautiful hassle free life for you.

Yes! We are here to make a difference and you are most welcome to enjoy the expertise of our team.